National Parks are for everyone - leave the park as you find it and help us ensure that they remain for future generations to use.

Protect our National Parks
Learning to tread softly in the bush can minimise damage to the natural environment. You can help by using facilities provided and keeping to existing tracks. Visiting reserves outside of peak periods can also help reduce the overall impact.

Road rules and safety
Most driving tracks are dry weather only. In some months the parks are inaccessible due to wet weather so check with Parks Victoria/NSW National Parks and Wildlife before visiting. All vehicles must be registered and drivers licensed.
Take all rubbish home with you for recycling or disposal.
Bring adequate water - there is usually limited drinking water available.
Bring a compass and topographic maps.
Keep to designated tracks.
Carry the right gear when you are walking, including drinking water, strong comfortable shoes, first aid kit, a jumper and/or waterproof jacket, a shady hat.
Stay on the tracks.

Bring pets - dogs and other pets are not permitted.
Camp under large trees - branches can drop without warning.
Light fires or barbecues on days of Total Fire Ban.
Dig a pit toilet within 100 metres of a waterway.
Take vehicles, including motor bikes, off formed open roads.