Graincorp Walpeup Silo Art

29 Cregan Street Walpeup VIC

A sad yet familiar story from the WW1 era of a 16-year-old boy from Walpeup, Harold Thomas Bell (Wickham) who lied about his name and age, told his parents he had a job as a jackaroo and joined the Light Horse Regiment. He had looked on with envy as local men signed up and went to war, despite many coming back severely injured or not at all. On October 28, 1917 he received his orders to move out and travelled under the cover of darkness. Ultimately, they received the call to charge into the battle of Beersheba and under the sound of thundering hooves his regiment rode into a maelstrom of machinegun fire and Harold was critically injured, tragically dying the next day.

The amazing artwork, completed by artists Julian Clavijo and Camilo Delgado, is a fitting depiction and a touching tribute to experience. The Graincorp Walpeup Silo is situated 130km from Mildura via Ouyen.

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