Barkindji Wiimpatya Murra Centre

1845 Silver City Highway, Dareton NSW 2717

The Barkindji Wiimpatya Murra Centre is an Aboriginal art gallery showcasing a wide range of locally made items and artefacts. A lot of the time we are lucky enough to have our artists working within the workshop area where they are happy to show guests how they work and answer any questions.

The main focus of the Barkindji Wiimpatya Murra Centre is to support local artists with all of their talent, encourage them to branch out of their comfort zone to create things they have never tried before and to help them connect with their culture through art and craft.

This is a place where people can come and feel welcome, be a part of culture, learn a thing or two about art and craft and have a good yarn.

03 5027 4073

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