Mildura is well known as a haven for travelling workers. With an abundance of large fruit properties needing many willing hands to harvest their valuable crop.
Visit Mildura
You can work and play in the Mildura region. 
Working Holiday
On your working holiday, you can both work and play in the Mildura region. An important fact with your Farm work in the Mildura region is that it qualifies towards your 88-day quota to apply for a second or third-year visa. Mildura is well known as a haven for travelling workers with an abundance of large fruit properties needing many willing hands to harvest their valuable crop.

Visitor Information and Booking Centres
Our visitor information and booking centres will help you find a hostel that has a good reputation – However we urge you to do your research before choosing a hostel or accepting any work.
Mildura Visitor Information Freecall 1800 039 043  (Australia)
Ensure Work is Available
Mechanical harvesting has reduced the need for as many farm hands as were once needed and while this work still exists it can be harder to find at certain times of the year.

If you are coming to Mildura only for farm work, we recommend that you do some research before travelling to ensure that work is available. A good place to start is by contacting the National Harvest Labour Information Service on 1800 062 332 (within Australia) or visit they will give you up to date advice on work and conditions in the area and only list jobs for farmers that do the right thing by their workers.
MADEC Australia
MADEC operates Australian Government Harvest Labour Offices in Mildura and has strong links with the areas’ growers to contact them about farm work you can click here.

Relax After Hours
When the working day is finished you can relax at the numerous entertainment venues such as pubs and nightclubs. There are a number of restaurants that cater for the backpacker at reasonable prices.

Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area
Fruit Fly and other biosecurity measures are taken very seriously in our region – please refer to the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area website to make sure you’re not unknowingly placing yourself (and the region) at risk.
Australia boasts a wealth of opportunities to earn cash and experience the country as you enjoy your travel adventure. As is the case wherever you travel you need to look out for your own personal safety and security. This also applies when accepting work and entering accommodation arrangements.

While most employers and landlords do the right thing, there is a minority that set out to take advantage of adventurous, trusting and vulnerable people – this is the same wherever you travel in Australia. This information provided by Mildura Regional Development should be taken into account wherever you choose to visit.

It is not unusual if your employer asks to see (or even takes a photocopy of) your passport to check that your visa permits you to work in Australia.

Be Careful Though
Questionable operators often demand things like handing over your passport, ask you to pay a large security deposit (bond) or charge more than one week rent in advance.
To safeguard yourself some good habits to get into are:
Always ask for a receipt of payment and hold onto it
Look for the accommodation house's certificate of registration (usually on the wall in the lobby area)
Ask how and when you are being paid - make sure you understand these arrangements
Seek assistance early if you think something is wrong

Irregular and unusual actions that should make you suspicious of the boss or landlord include:
Insisting on holding onto your passport while you stay or work with them
Insisting on more than one week's rent in advance
Paying a "finder's fee" for work
No pay after one week's work (allow a couple of days for processing)
No payslip supplied upon request
Deductions from your pay that you have not earlier agreed to (tax must be deducted by law)