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Wentworth Pioneer Museum

117 Beverley Street, Wentworth NSW 2648

Discover Wentworth's heritage at this museum that has a collection of more than 30,000 artifacts and relics covering all aspects on the history of Wentworth. It houses one of Australia’s biggest photographic collection on river boats and of Australia's megafauna.

There is a fantastic megafauna display which includes replicas to scale including a Diprotodon, a Procoptodon, a Genyornis and a Thylacteo.

Other displays include a 90lb Murray Cod caught in 1971, a 1942 W.L.A. Harley Davidson Motorbike and a paddlesteamer display.

A must to see if interested in the pioneering days and river trade in Wentworth.

03 5027 3160

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Ran vby the Rotary Club of Wentorth.