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CrossFit Motion

136 Eleventh Street Mildura VIC 3500

We are a strength & conditioning facility that provides a fitness program and support system to assist individuals to reach greater levels of fitness than they ever thought they could.

The CrossFit methodology is based on functional movements. We blend a balanced combination of weightlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular training (to name a few) to create fun and inclusive workouts that are never the same and are suited to all fitness levels.

Not only will you get stronger, leaner, fitter, faster, more agile and powerful, but you will do it all under the close supervision of quality coaches and within a fun atmosphere and supportive community.

The group classes are led by a certified and experienced coach, last an hour, and include a warm up, skill/strength work and conditioning. There are no mirrors and no egos - just commitment, hard work, supportive coaches and a motivating and friendly group environment!

0418 238 716

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