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Mildura Club

85-91 Deakin Avenue Mildura VIC 3500

The Mildura Club Inc. calls one of the towns original and most recognisable buildings home, situated on the corner of Deakin Avenue and 9th Street next to the Cinema Deakin. The Mildura Club’s history follows the growth of Mildura and still to this day, upholds many of the guidelines established over a century ago. The Club’s building was erected in the 1920’s and is considered one of the city’s landmark buildings. The Club is the place for a cold drink on a hot Mildura day and on a cold night, a blazing hot fire, good company and conversation over a single malt whiskey.

The Club allows the building and facilities to be hired for occasions to the general public, a wooden dance floor is concealed under the carpet and can be revealed for wedding dances and other celebratory occasions. The Grand Ballroom is a popular choice for cocktail parties, corporate events, romantic weddings and private receptions.

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