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Mildura self-guided walking tour

Discover Mildura on foot. This 6-kilometre self-guided walking tour will take you to historic churches, homes and fountains, local attractions, and important sites along the Murray River. As you go, stop at eateries, galleries and shops to rest, re-fuel, see art or do some shopping.

Start with the right information

Depart from The Alfred Deakin Visitor Information Centre, and walk along Deakin Avenue towards the Riverfront and 7th Street.

Churches and clubs

Along Deakin Avenue see the Church of England, then continue to the Old Methodist Church. Next is the Mildura Workingman's Club which was built in 1908. The War memorial that stands in front of the club was erected in 1920 and lists the names of local residents that were killed in World War I.

On the corner of Deakin Ave and 9th Street is the Mildura Club. Club members moved from 29 Deakin Ave into their new clubrooms in 1920. The building remains much the same as it was then with its grand entrance of ionic pillars.

Researching local history

If you are interested in finding out more about local history, walk along another block to the Carnegie Centre. Erected in 1908 as the Carnegie Library, the building was funded by the entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish-born American millionaire who set up libraries all around the world in a bid to educate the poor. The Carnegie Centre now houses the Mildura and District Historical Society and the Mildura and District Genealogical Society. Nearby bar and restaurant "The Cider Tree" is housed in what was the Mildura Post Office building.

Royal fountains

In the centre of Deakin Avenue at the 8th Street intersection is the George V Memorial Fountain, which originally stood at the front entrance of the Rio Vista homestead but was moved to Deakin Ave after the death of King George in 1936.

Gourmet traditions

At the bottom end of Deakin Avenue is the historic Mildura Grand Hotel. Once home to the Mildura Coffee Palace, the hotel has stood in its current location for over 100 years. When it was opened as a coffee Palace in 1891 the building contained a billiard room, dining room and accommodation. The Hotel now houses a variety of restaurants and accommodation including the award-winning restaurant, Stefano's.

Memorials to royal visits and founding fathers

Straight ahead you will see the fountain opened by the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1985. Cross the railway line on the pedestrian bridge and walk to the right, past the cactus garden and the skateboard ramp to the Ornamental Lakes Park. Just before The George Chaffey Bridge, a turn to the right brings you to the tree stump that is a memorial to George Chaffey, one of Mildura's founding fathers.

The magnificent Murray River

Do an about-face and walk back to the Port of Mildura and the Mildura Wharf. During the day you may see the PS Melbourne or the PV Rothbury preparing to embark on daily Murray River cruises.

Proceed to your right to the pumping station of Lower Murray Water, which is one of the pumping stations providing irrigation water for the district. Walk past the Mildura Rowing Clubrooms and the Rowers Lawns where you will find a cairn commemorating Charles Sturt's passage through the area in 1830 on his discovery tour of the Murray River. On your left is the Bill Hyder Scented Garden, designed to provide the visually impaired with a wonderful garden experience and the old powerhouse, now home to our local theatre companies.

Outdoor activities

To your left is the popular Jaycee Park, which has a playground for children including an old K class locomotive, free gas barbecues, complimentary hot water and toilets.

Follow Hugh King Drive to the lock, past the Mildura Lawn Tennis Club, where the 1998 Davis Cup Tennis tie between Australia and Zimbabwe was played.

On your right is the Mildura Weir. During times of normal water flow there is a 12-foot difference between the river levels on either side of it. Continue to Lock 11 and Lock Island on the facing riverbank. In the 1920s when the locks were established along the Murray most were built with the lock and weir adjacent, but here the island, which was formed when the river channel was dug in 1927, separates the river from the lock. During the day you can cross the lock and visit the island. The P.S. Melbourne can be seen passing through the lock several times each day.

Historic homes

Walk up the hill to Cureton Avenue, turn right and continue for 50 metres to the Old Mildura Homestead. This complex stands on the site of the original "Mildura" pastoral lease and station, which was owned by the Jamiesons. The present buildings are replicas constructed in the 1980s.

The Chaffey graves

Continue along Cureton Avenue and turn to the right to see the Chaffey Women's Grave Site and Commemorative Gardens. A majestic granite and bluestone monument marks the grave of Hattie Schell, the first wife of W.B. Chaffey, who died giving birth to her sixth son, Maurice Murray Chaffey. Maurice died 4 months later and is buried alongside his mother. George and William Chaffey's mother is also here, as well as two children from W.B. Chaffey's marriage to his second wife, who was also called Hattie Schell and who was the niece of his first wife.

Mildura Arts Centre

Retrace your steps along Cureton Avenue to the Mildura Arts Centre complex. This complex includes the original W.B. Chaffey home, Rio Vista. Opposite the Arts Centre is the Sculpture Park, where you can view the famous One Sun, One Earth, One Peace sculpture, part of a network of similar pieces around the world. At the equinox the sun casts a shadow through the sculptures at successive times all over the world.

Langtree Hall

Langtree Hall Museum is located at 79 Walnut Avenue. This building was the first public hall in Mildura and has been relocated from Langtree Avenue. It is lined with Murray pine and was faithfully restored when it was moved to its current location.

Mildura city shopping

If you walk back along Ninth Street towards Deakin Avenue, you will pass through the main shopping area of Mildura. Langtree Mall runs between Lime Avenue, Deakin Avenue, and 8th and 9th streets, and is lined with specialty shops including clothing, books, jewellery stores and newsagents. Head to the northern end of Langtree Avenue between 7th and 8th streets to refuel at one of a diverse range of restaurants and bakeries that serve everything from a light snack to a fine meal.


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